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Veiled Truths by Vivi Anna

Series: Valorian Chronicles
Publisher: Silhouette, 2008
Genre: Romance
Sub-genre: Paranormal

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I found myself really wishing Veiled Truths had been written as an urban fantasy rather than as a paranormal romance. The mystery and investigation had some potential, and the way the supernaturals all worked together could have been interesting if I'd gotten more than the occasional snippet. As it was, the focus was on the love story between Thoran the womanizer and the prickly, mistrustful Lyra, which was the weakest part of the story. Less is more, sometimes, and since these two spent a lot of time watching each other and wishing they trusted each other enough to just knock boots already, a subtle tension might have worked better than hearing each of them think about how hot but untouchable the other was.

Theron gave me a major headache when he fell into one of the most annoying and nonsensical plot device ever. While investigating, Theron figures out a key piece of the puzzle, but instead of telling the others so it could serve both as a warning and as a way to work out exactly what sort of spell the victims are being sacrificed for, he decides to keep it to himself. Ugh. He doesn't even hide it for a good reason! He's afraid knowing that "virgo" is also "virgin" could let Lyra know he used to dabble in dark magic waaaaay back in the day and then she won't sleep with him. Yup, that's his reasoning, and clearly an awesome reason to hide a key piece of investigation. (Not really a spoiler, since we find out his --ahem-- dark secret early on in the book.) Of course, it does also lead me to wonder why not a single person on the crack investigation team was able to work that one out for themselves...

My other big annoyed moment was a discussion near the end, where it seems the proper thing for a woman in danger to do is sit tight and wait faithfully for her man to come in and rescue her. We have at least two instances of it, with two different couples, and I did some serious growling. Nobody can be completely self-reliant all the time, and I can handle the occasional damsel in distress, but the implication here is that a woman neeeeeeds a big strong man to come in and rescue her, which makes me want to throttle people. Seriously, I wouldn't get too close right now if I were you.

It's really not a good thing when I want to take a highlighter and a red pen to edit a book. Especially when it's an e-book, because let me tell you, highlighter markers are really hard to scrub off later. Veiled Truths was full of little headdesk moments, so my recommendation is to spare yourself the headache and back away from the red sheets.
Tags: fiction, romance
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